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La Flotte Ltd. (BOBATO) Specialized in manufacturing and sell models Boats worldwide.

BOBATO exists since 1992, found in the center of Mauritius Island in Curepipe which known as one of the manufacturers of model boats. We have a wide range of historical models (Frigate) and we offer modern custom models also, packaging made by experienced packers and we ship worldwide, the price of delivery, depending on the weight and the size of the colis and the Country.

As we are here for the needs of customers.
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  1) The skeleton of the boats are cut from plywood.
  2) We fix a first layer of planks one by one on the skeleton of the boats.
  3) For the models boats painted with acrylic paint we place a layer of fiberglass on the first layer of planks.
  4) For certain models boats varnish we place a second layer planks on the hull.
  5) The models boats which we fix only one layer planks on the skeleton of the boat, the planks thicker, with copper nails or copper plates below the waterline.
  6) The wood we use in our model boats such as Teak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Oak, Iroko and Natte wood.
  7) The sails and ropes are cotton and nylon.
  8) The ornaments are moulded in zinc metal and painted.
  9) For certain model boats we use wooden sculptures.
  10) The turning parts in brass and wooden such as Rigging Adjusters, Winches for Classic Yacht , Antique Cannons, Caronades for historical boats, Wooden Deadeyes,
      Rudder Wheels, Marine Compass, Anchor Windlass, Wooden Capstan, Buoy and Helices etc ...

The construction of the model boat Le Rh�ne, which has a twin sister La Loire

Why Choose Us?
  • We provide services for customer's needs
  • Quality authentic models
  • Safe packing
  • Attractive prices
  • Certificate of Authenticity                                                                                                 

        CONTACT US : (+230) 675-2899
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